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Satellite Dish Roof Top Installation Requirement

Rule No. One

On, March 13, 2013, at a special meeting of the Management Committee, the Committee by Resolution established a rule that will now allow a Roof Top Satellite Dish Application to be given to a Homeowner.

1).Application must be made and approved by an authorized representative of the Management Committee prior to the installation of the Satellite Dish to avoid fines.

2). Installation of the Satellite Dish must be made by the employee of the Satellite Dish Service Provider.

3).Only one satellite dish will be allowed per unit.

5) The Homeowner will remain responsible for any damage resulting from the installation or removal of the satellite dish, including the removal of the satellite dish, if a Homeowner sells their unit to avoid fines.

6). Failure to comply with any installation or make necessary repairs will be done by the HOA at the expense of the Homeowner.

7). Homeowners will be required to see that the installation of the satellite dish is installed according to the instruction that accompany the Application

8). Sunbrook Condominiums Satellite Dish Roof Mounting Application are available online at: http://www.sunbrooknorthogden.com


Sunbrook Condominiums Assigned Parking

Rule No. Three

At the, March 13, 2013, Meeting, the Management Committee by Resolution established a rule that will provide one assigned parking stall which will be in addition to the Townhouse Homeowner’s garage.  Condominium unit Homeowners with valid handicap ID will be assigned a handicap parking stall in addition to their carport parking.

1). Condominium unit owners making application request for assigned handicap parking will be assigned a stall on the basis of closest available proximity to the Condominium Homeowner’s unit.

3). With a letter from the Fire Marshal the restriction of parking along the Townhouse garage units I 4, J 4, M 4, N 4, Q 4, R 4, U 4, V 4, and Y 4 has now been cleared and  the restriction formally ended. 

4). With that problem eliminated the assigned parking in the Townhouse units will be that each Townhouse Homeowner’s assigned parking stall will be the parking stall immediately adjacent to the Homeowner’s garage and the stall closest to the fence will be open parking. 

5). The Sunbrook Condominiums Declaration and Bylaws gives authority to the Management Committee to restrict use of the common areas to include parking.

6).  The Amended Sunbrook Condominiums Bylaws, dated, September 4, 2002 provides fines for violation of assigned parking which will allow enforcement of  Assigned Parking Rule No. Three.

Community Information

We cannot stress enough the importance of obtaining the proper insurance coverage for your home. The HOA covers the outside and inside of your home, but your insurance is responsible for the HOA deductible in the amount of $10,000.  You are also responsible to insure your personal property.

A simple explanation is that large claims are covered by the HOA policy and small claims by the homeowner.  Please contact your insurance agent to make sure you have the proper insurance.

Utah Condominium Ownership Act--Insurance requirement

The HOA's insurance is with Leavitt Insurance Group Advisors 801-308-1489 or fax 866-745-2351 

Monthly Fees and Late Fees
HOA monthly fees are $100 per month for the townhouses (Buldings H - Y) and $150 per month, which also include North Ogden water bill, for the Condos (Buldings A - G).  All HOA fees are due the 1st of each month.  Fees are considered late if received after the 10th of the month.  Late fees are outlined as follows:
$10.00 late fee - 10 days past due
$25.00 late fee - 30 days past due
$50.00 late fee - 60 days past due
$50.00 late fee each month thereafter up to a total of $500 per month.
These fees add up quickly so please be sure to make your payment on time. 
Payment Options
Please make your checks and other forms of payment payable to Sunbrook Condominium HOA.  You can pay your HOA monthly fees by mailing them to the address below.  You can also pay using the Paylease option.  Instructions for Paylease can be found on the Paylease tab.

Monthly Fee Payment Mailing Address:
Mountain City Commercial Corp.
2036 S. Lincoln Ave. Suite 101B
Ogden, UT 84401

All other information, like change of address or ownership:

Sunbrook Condominiums
PO Box 5555
Draper, UT 84020

or via email:  brett@mtncityco.com

Mountain City Commercial

Original Introduction Letter:  click here

Lawn Care
TOWNHOUSES:  Mowing is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.
CONDOMINIUMS:  Mowing is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Please have toys and personal belongings removed from the common areas prior to the mowers arriving.

Dogs are prohibited at Sunbrook Condominiums.   In April 2013, we sent out a straw vote to the owners to see if there was an interest in repealing the prohibition of dogs.  The results were 27 yes votes to amend the CC&R's and allow dogs.  There were 37 votes against amending the CC&R's to allow dogs.

As a result of the straw vote, the Management Committee will not spend the money and time to bring a vote to the owners to amend the CC&R's to allow dogs.

Animal Control in North Ogden City is a function of the Police Department.  It should be pointed out, that in addition to HOA fines for pet violations, North Ogden City has serious consequence for violating local pet ordinances and codes.  In some cases violations can amount to a class B misdemeanor and a mandatory court appearance.  As a convenience, not all, but some of the local ordinances and code links at North Ogden City are provided:




The Homeowner's Association covers the following services:
  • Property Management
  • Homeowner Association Registration, Bookkeeping, Legal Corporation Status
  • Trash Removal
  • Lawn Care
  • Snow Removal
  • Master HOA Insurance Coverage
  • Maintenance of Grounds
  • Maintenance of the exterior of buildings
  • Maintenance of the exterior of garages & carports 
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